Whether you need to learn something quickly or need a quick refresher on how to do certain tasks, cheat sheets allow you to do either one with relative ease. Print them out and decorate your workspace or save/bookmark them for later use, whichever way suits you best.

In this collection, you’ll find 40+ of the best cheat for graphic designers for either the Mac or the Windows operating systems. You’ll find cheat sheets for popular graphic design applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks. These cheat sheets available in various formats including PDF, PNG, and web-based (HTML) formats.

Photoshop and Photoshop Elements cheat sheets

Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts

Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts - screens hot.


Cardboard textures and objects can be used in numerous ways to give a design a raw and realistic look. Check out bern unlimited, Blog.SpoonGraphics, Jamie’s Italian, and The Resume Girl to see various uses of cardboard textures and objects in web design.

In this article you’ll find 20 free cardboard textures and objects for designers.

Cardboard Textures and Objects - Leading Image


Talented Front-end Web Developer Chris Wallace of Walmedia and Designer&Developer is back again with a free, brand-spanking new, beautiful, professional WordPress theme that he’s kindly decided to release on Six Revisions.

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The success of a site heavily depends on the quality of experience they provide their users. As the competition for the user’s attention increases, you, as a designer, have a short window of opportunity to get them hooked before they hit the “back” button and search for another alternative. This is where the field of User Experience (UX) evolved from, out of a necessity to keep your existing audience, and to encourage new users to come and stay a while.

Rosenfeld Media helps us do just that by offering succinct, practical, and useful books on the topic of User Experience. Rosenfeld Media focuses on information that’s real – that’s doable – instead of getting caught up in fruitless  arguments on terminologies and theory that have no practical application.

I first encountered Louis Rosenfeld, founder of Rosenfeld Media, through an article I wrote a while ago about User Experience websites. You might have heard of him from (what he fondly calls) “the Polar Bear Book” (Information Architecture for the World Wide Web published by O’Reilly).  I’d heard of Rosenfeld Media before because of a book I really wanted to read, but just never got around to buying, Web Form Design by LukeW.

Anyways – to make a long story short – after I got to talk to Louis, I knew I just had to get a copy of Web Form Design. After reading it, I knew I had to try and get some of you a copy. I emailed Louis to see if he’d be willing to give away a few copies to the readers of this site, and he was more than happy to do so.

We’re giving away 10 copies of either:

  1. Web Form Design by Luke Wroblewski
  2. Mental Models by Indi Young

All you have to do is leave a comment with the following information: Which book do you want?

This giveaway ends on December 8, 2008 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross were right when they sang, “the best things in life are free”. There are many talented designers out there who choose to help the community by providing free and useful Photoshop brush sets that you can download and use on your artwork.

In this collection, you’ll find over 50 free Photoshop brush sets for current design trends and styles such as vintage, retro, grunge, hand-drawn, swirls, and nature-inspired.

Note: It’s important to read the fine-print – some designers require attribution or have special requirements for commercial use. Even if they don’t require any credit, it’s always highly-appreciated to give them some anyways.

Vintage and Retro


Darger-esque screen shot.
Download (Volume 1) | Download (Volume 2) (downloads no longer working).


Last week Six Revisions hosted a giveaway giving away some credits on ThemeForest. There were a total of 260 participants all vying for a chance to win $100 in credit by mentioning their favorite in-browser web development tool.

The winners are:

This is the first part of a series of articles that will discuss a particular CSS best practice or tip. I’ll be covering a mixture of topics that deals with CSS best practices, performance optimization, and tips and tricks to improve your workflow.

Today we’ll be covering the topic of resetting your styles.

CSS Tip #1: Resetting Your Styles with CSS Reset