30 High-Quality Icon Sets for E-Commerce Designs

Jun 21 2009 by Steven Snell | 35 Comments

E-commerce web design brings some unique requirements, and this usually includes the need for specific icons such as shopping carts, credit cards, and others related to the online shopping experience. In this article, we feature 30 sets of quality icons for use in e-commerce designs.

30 High-Quality Icon Sets for E-Commerce Designs

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10 Useful Firefox Extensions to Supercharge Firebug

Jun 20 2009 by Jacob Gube | 48 Comments

Firebug is a revolutionary Firefox extension that helps web developers and designers test and inspect front-end code. It provides us with many useful features such as a console panel for logging information, a DOM inspector, detailed information about page elements, and much more.

Though Firebug is already fully packed with features out of the box, several extensions out there can enhance its utility. In this article, you will find the 10 best Firefox extensions for Firebug that will make your life, as a developer or designer, easier.

1. Pixel Perfect

Pixel Perfect

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Announcement: BannerSnack & FlashMint Giveaway Winners

Jun 20 2009 by Jacob Gube | 4 Comments

Announcement: BannerSnack & FlashMint Giveaway Winners

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10 High-Quality Free Brown Paper Textures

Jun 19 2009 by JC Parmley | 28 Comments

High-Quality Free Brown Paper Textures

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25 Excellent Typography Tools for the Serious Designer

Jun 18 2009 by Tom Walker | 38 Comments

Typography is an integral part of designs that use text. There are many tools out there that are available at your disposal for helping you work with type.

In this article, you will find a collection of the best typography tools available on the web. What’s more, they’re all absolutely free! If you’re a web designer or developer, then these tools are going to save you some serious time and effort. Take time to work your way through this extensive list and give everything a go.

1. WhatTheFont


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Feedback. The Creativity Killer.

Jun 17 2009 by Francisco Inchauste | 46 Comments

Image that has the text Feedback. The Creativity Killer.

If you don’t deal with bad feedback it can disrupt, slowly corrode, and in the end, kill your creativity. If you’ve ever said "Yes, I can change that" and know deep down inside of you a little bit of your creative soul died, then this article is for you. We’ll tackle negative feedback and learn how to combat it. You’ll discover the 12 ways to manage feedback and keep your creativity alive.

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26 Beautiful Photoshop Tutorials on Designing Posters

Jun 16 2009 by Tomas Laurinavicius | 23 Comments

Posters are excellent examples of art with a purpose: an effective poster must not only show, but must also tell. With the following tutorials, not only will you be shown how to create beautiful digital art pieces, but also get to learn a hodgepodge of digital art techniques and methods that you can adapt later on into your design projects.

In this article, you’ll find top-notch tutorials for creating posters. Not only will you be learning specific procedures for creating posters, but also Photoshop and general design practices such as photo-composition, illustration, coloring processing, typography effects, working with custom shapes, using Filters in unique ways, and much more.

1. Shoe Advertisement Poster Using Floral Elements

Shoe Advertisement Poster Using Floral Elements

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