Definitive Guide to Taming the IE6 Beast

For years, Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) has been the bane of existence for web designers around the world. Designers and users alike have come to enjoy the increasingly predictable, standards-compliant behavior of great modern browsers like Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Meanwhile, IE6 continues to haunt our designs, lurking in dark places while dying a painfully slow, agonizing death. As we await that grand and glorious day when IE6 is as dead as Netscape 4, let us be mindful of the endagered species of users who, for whatever sad reason, continue to torture themselves with that terrible beast of a browser.


Six Questions: Chris Spooner on Blogging as a Designer

We interviewed top designer and blogger, Chris Spooner, to find out about managing weblogs on top of being a professional creative. Here’s what he has to say…


Whether you work on a Mac, a PC, or both – the way your workstation is set up reveals a lot about your sense of style and work attitude. Have a comfortable place where you can do your work can lead to increased creativity and productivity.

This collection presents some excellent examples of elegant, beautiful, cozy, and well-designed workspaces so that you might get some ideas and inspiration from them.

1. Workspace by Hey Brad

Workspace by Hey Brad


As developers, we’re naturally obsessed with details, conventions, and semantics. There are only a few professions that I know of that will take the time to avoid moderate compromises like using conditional comment hacks or failing W3C’s auto-validation services; we’re in league with stalwart saints and by-the-books building inspectors.

Adopting a "Does It Really Matter?" Philosophy


How to Make a Green and Sleek Web Layout in Photoshop

In this web design tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a beautiful, green, and sleek layout in Photoshop. You’ll learn popular design techniques such as creating a 3D ribbon and professional-looking color gradient effects.


Artists and illustrators often display their artwork hoping of not only showing their abilities and skills, but also to inspire creativity amongst its viewers.

In this showcase, you will witness a wide range of creative styles, featuring female characters as the subject, by some of the world’s most talented illustrators, artists, and designers.

1. Sadness by Tang Yuehui

Sadness by Tang Yuehui


10 Free High Res Coffee Stains Textures