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There are plenty of jQuery tricks and techniques out there, and the vast and powerful jQuery library can meet almost anyone’s JavaScript’ing needs. Since jQuery makes JavaScript accessible to designers who want to add simple interaction and visual techniques into their design without knowing extensive programming knowledge, it’s worth a few moments to explore this excellent library.

As any designer knows, adding small bits of extra visual detail and user-friendliness can add professionalism and appeal to any web design. In addition, for designers that sell templates, WordPress themes, and other types of web designs, the use of jQuery in a design can be a great selling point.

Let’s take a look at ten simple, effective, and useful tricks and techniques from several excellent jQuery developers and sites around the web that leverage the library to take your designs to another level.

1. Equal-Height Columns

Equal-Height Columns


How to Make an Impressive Blog Layout in Photoshop

In this easy to follow web design tutorial, you will learn how to construct a beautiful, sleek, and professional-level weblog design using Adobe Photoshop that you can later use for your very own blog theme.


I’d like to share with you some of the tools, ideas and resources that I use as a designer whenever I need some design inspiration. Some of the resources and ideas in this article may be things that you already know, and some may be new to you that you can try. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy it!

Design-Related Websites and Blogs

Design-Related Websites and Blogs


It’s often convenient to have an offline blog editor if you often work in places without ready access to the internet. Even if you do have an internet connection, desktop blogging apps can give you a host of features that the normal UI of your blogging platform simply can’t offer.

In this article, we briefly review some top-notch free desktop blog editors for you to consider.

1. Thingamablog



Favorites from the Feeds is a Six Revisions series that highlights notable design and development articles, tutorials, tools, and downloadable resources from my RSS feeds. In this installment, you’ll find resources on typography, some nice web accessibility and usability articles, and other stuff that you typically see in the series.

1. Web Design Trend Hunting – 15 Amazing Infinite Scrolling Websites

Web Design Trend Hunting – 15 Amazing Infinite Scrolling Websites


The letterpress type treatment (or as I call it, inset text treatment) can be easily done in Photoshop. In this article, you’ll find a collection of tutorials from various parts of the web that will teach you how to create this awesome text effect using common graphics applications (and a couple using just CSS).

Check out my own tutorial here on Six Revisions called How to Create Inset Typography in Photoshop. You may also want to peruse the Beautiful Examples of Inset Typography in Web Design collection for design inspiration and usage examples.

1. Web Design Trend Showcase: Letterpress Text Effect

Web Design Trend Showcase: Letterpress Text Effect