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Last September the Internet turned 40. I think it’s safe to say that no technology has evolved so much in so little time. Even in the past fifteen years or so, it has completely reinvented itself; arguably several times. Now we not only shop, bank, work and meet people online; but we share what we are doing at any given moment (e.g. Twitter), and even keep statistics on daily minutia. We read, listen and watch everything. We Digg, rate, share and favorite content daily.

So what’s next?

Technology is always evolving – and none quite as fast as the Internet. Here are some predictions for what may be yet to come!

6 Predictions for the Future of the Internet


Concept Feedback, a simple design feedback tool developed specifically for designers and developers, is proud to introduce premium concepts, a new feature for users who want to get maximum exposure and feedback for their design project.

Giveaway: Five Premium Concepts from Concept Feedback


The Internet has been a breeding ground for controversy from the start. Part of this is a result of the fact that the Internet is the great neutralizer; it empowers everyone to have a voice.

As the first decade of the new millennium ends, let’s examine some of the most infamous and scandalous events that started, happened, and/or escalated on the web.

15 Biggest Internet Controversies of the Past Decade


15 years ago, the web didn’t look the way that it does now. The web was dull, unattractive and less visually appealing. Interacting with web pages was not possible, and the web was simply a static information space.

Well, a lot’s changed since then. Today’s modern trends on the web are sophisticated, alluring and engaging. Building interactive and amazing interfaces using Flash/Flex or Silverlight has become easier and more accessible to modern-day designers.

Four Aspects of a Modern Web Interface


There’s a misconception that creativity is always on: that either you have it or you don’t, or that if you produce great work once, you’ll always be able to produce great work.

Now if only that were true, right?

6 Reasons Why You Should Do Personal Design Projects


Create a Zoomed In Effect in Photoshop

This tutorial will walk you through a simple process of giving a zoomed-in effect for your illustrations. This can be used in numerous ways, but primarily for designing instructional visual material.