Reading List for Developers and Designers #1

Reading List for Developers and Designers is an infrequent post series that lists some recommended links for you to read, compiled and read by the founder of Six Revisions, Jacob Gube.

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The Top 15 Google Products for People Who Build Websites

Google’s strategy of empowering site developers and owners with free and valuable tools has proven to be effective in garnering a fair bit of geek love for the company. But this affinity to Google by technology enthusiasts is not without warrant—they really do make excellent products that can be instrumental in building, maintaining, and improving websites. What’s more, they’re all usually free.


Snazzy Hover Effects Using CSS

With all these CSS3 effects and tutorials popping up every day that show all the new and wonderful things we can make happen, we sometimes forget about poor little old CSS2.1 and the great potential it still has.

With very good browser support, we can do lots of cool things that we know will work in all major browsers.

In this tutorial, I will be going over creating flexible advanced hover techniques using CSS2.1 properties.

Here is a live demonstration of the effect we will be creating.


Destroying Designer's Creative Block and Unleashing Your Creativity

Designing has always been hard for me. I recall back when I was still in school, I learned to design a poster for a carnival and I had a small sketchbook to draft out ideas that came to me.

In the end, I did not run out of pages to draw on. In fact, I didn’t even finishing drawing on a single page.

Trying to create an original design is not always easy. The flow of ideas can start off slow for most people. But I’ve found that there are some things that have helped me get over creative block, and I want to share them with you here.


Isometrica (Volume 1): A Free Social Media Icon Set


For an entire week, we ran a Twitter-based giveaway sponsored by VP Factory, the pioneer of “Video Players as a Service”. We handed out 10 1-year subscriptions to their service.

Here are the winners of the Twitter giveaway:

Create a Kids Oriented Web Layout Using Photoshop

In this tutorial we will be creating a simple, easy to use and colorful web design layout in Photoshop that is primarily aimed at children. The simple navigation, bright colors and limited content is something that would really appeal to the youngsters.