Mozilla Firefox: By the Numbers

Firefox—a web browser known for its security, performance, and customizability—has witnessed unbelievable adoption rates, becoming a symbol of open source software done right. In just 6 years, it has fastened itself firmly into the web browser arena, fanning the flames of the highly-heated browser wars.

This infographic presents some fascinating facts and figures pertaining to our beloved web browser: Firefox.


10 Google Chrome Extensions for Boosting Your Productivity

Chrome is the newest child added to the constantly feuding web browser family. Although Google Chrome is comparatively new, it has been producing some major buzz around web for its performance, minimalist interface, and usability.

Another useful side of Chrome is the extensions that give the user added functionality for common web browsing tasks. Many of these Chrome extensions can help you increase your productivity and enable you to perform your jobs easier and faster.


UpSide: A Free WordPress Theme


Last week, we ran a giveaway of five 1-year subscriptions to MediaLoot, a site offering resources like icons, Photoshop brushes, textures, vectors, print templates and more.

The winners are: