10 Massively Popular Websites with Plain and Simple Designs

While most people will agree that design is an important factor in building a high-traffic website or blog, there are countless examples on the contrary.

How is it that some sites are able to become massively popular despite their pedestrian or lackluster designs? And, perhaps a better question is: Could those sites be even more popular with an improved design?


Beautiful and Useful 404 Error Pages for Inspiration

Errors don’t need to be ugly. On the Web, any links that are broken result in a 404 Not Found error message. There are two ways you can address this issue when your user navigates towards a broken link.


Beautiful Web Designs with a Nature Theme

Giving your web design a natural look can make your website friendlier as well as show your appreciation of the environment. Nature-themed web designs can also give your website a unique character.

There are many ways you can use nature to make your website stand out or help you get a message across to your website visitors. Here is a showcase of over 40 exceptional web designs that use nature themes.


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Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Expand Your Design Business

Few industries are as primed for expansion and scale as web design. With a successful sales and marketing routine in place, gaining extra income can be as simple as hiring, researching, and delegating. From contracted designers to highly optimized business processes, scaling an online business tends to be a significantly less stressful process than expanding a more traditional offline company.


Semantic CSS Lightboxes

The rise of jQuery, MooTools, and JavaScript frameworks has given many web designers a new lease on life, adding more unique functionality into their sites.

Most notably among the various cool and interesting features you can find being injected into a design is the humble lightbox (modal window).


The Crowdsourcing Quagmire

Crowdsourcing is one of those things that designers hate to hear mentioned. It ranks up there with “Spec Work” and “My little cousin’s friend Tony can design me a logo cheaper than that!”

Since designers are a pretty vocal bunch on the subject, there are many debates about crowdsourcing. Trying to make sense of it all can be more daunting than trying to catch a greased pig. Let’s look at it from several angles, shall we?