How to Design a Clean Business Website with Photoshop

The focus of this template is on a design agency that offers a range of web-based services. The primary aim of the page we’re designing, therefore, is to promote what the business does and what services they provide.


Web Languages: Decoded

Those of us who have become well seasoned to the dyslexia-inducing array of web languages often overlook the diversity and additional interactivity we can gain by learning another language or two.

Perhaps you are a beginner trying to understand what you need to spend time learning, or perhaps you’re an experienced individual looking for something new to play with.


Last week, we featured a sponsored giveaway for a hosted website powered by concrete5.

The winner of this giveaway is Herna Silva.

10 iPhone Apps Every Web Designer Should Know About

With the huge development in mobile device technology in the past few years coupled with the ever-increasing media business sector, isn’t it time we, as web designers, started taking advantage of some of the fantastic mobile applications to make our job a bit easier?

From cheat sheets to running servers, here’s a list of the 10 most useful iPhone apps for people who make websites.


Banner Ads: Excellent Examples for Inspiration

Advertising is everywhere, especially on the Web. Most websites I visit have some sort of web banner advertisements on them. For some websites, such as big design blogs, advertising is the main source of income.

With that in mind, it’s clear that website owners need to think very carefully about how their ads are displayed and where they are placed in relation to other elements on their site.



Typography plays an important role in graphic and web design. Everybody likes clean and professional-looking work and the correctly chosen fonts can help you to make your design work more attractive. These 35 clean and professional fonts will help you to achieve simple and design results.


The State of HTML5 Apps

We’re at the brink of shifts in the way we do things. The monks who have been toiling away on these new pieces of machinery are coming out of the monolith and starting to spread the word to the people. You might have seen my tutorial on creating an HTML5 iPhone app, highlighting the possibilities of open standards, client-side applications that leverage technologies we’ve traditionally used for websites and web apps.