Problems with Using Website Validation Services

Amongst the basic skills that fledgling designers and developers should know is the art of website validation.

Website validation consists of using a series of tools such as W3C’s Markup Validation Service that can actively seek out and explain the problems and inconsistencies within our work.


Web Designs that Use Textures Beautifully

Using textures in a web design gives it a unique look that roughens the sharpness and crispness that you can find in most other site designs. When used properly, the results of utilizing textures in a web layout can be stunning. This collection follows up on a collection posted last year called "30 Beautifully Textured Web Designs" (which you should check out if you haven’t already) with even more web designs that use textures masterfully.


WordPress Theme Development: Custom versus Commercial

WordPress theme development and design is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of web development. Whether you’re building a custom theme for a client’s website or designing a theme for widespread distribution, WordPress theme development is one of the most sought-after skills in our industry currently.


Beautiful Examples of using 3D Elements in Web Designs

3D elements used in web design can make a website more impressive and memorable. The purpose of 3D elements is to create a feeling of depth. For that reason, websites with 3D elements look interesting because most websites have a flat, 2-dimensional design.


12 Portable Apps for Web Designers

A web designer must always have his or her tools handy. Of course, that is most often the case when you’re working from home or from an office where you have your own work computer.

But if you are constantly on the move or are doing a lot of demonstrations to your customers at their place of business, you’ll need to carry your programs with you.


Make the Web Beautiful With Google Font API

Despite the nascent technologies and web startups on the Web, one thing we’ve lacked in the recent past was rich and beautiful web typography.

Though we have so many typefaces to choose from, we could only use a specific set of regular fonts installed and supported by most computers — these fonts were collectively known as Web-safe fonts.


Last week, we ran a giveaway post for five Premium Plus licenses of SlideshowBox sponsored by Smartketer, a software company that has developed two product suites: JumpeyeComponents and SnackTools.

The winners are: