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12 Social Media Monitoring Tools Reviewed

After several months of researching, testing, and using various tools for social media monitoring and response, I thought it might be helpful to share some of my findings. It was fun to dive into these tools, but I hope the information in this article will save you time and help you quickly find the tool that’s right for your needs.


Making User Interface Elements Difficult to Use By Intent

In modern web interface design, no other principle has been heralded and pushed onto us as much as the concept of user-centered design. User-centered design tells us that we should do everything we can to make our user interfaces as easy to use and as intuitive as possible.

However, a big part of designing user interfaces that are easy to use also involves figuring out what things should be a bit more difficult to use. It’s a counter-intuitive notion that’s central to effective user interface design.


How to Navigate Design by Committee

The phrase "design by committee" evokes a range of emotions from designers, mostly the kind you save for an arch-nemesis (think Lex Luthor) or expend on your Windows-based PC. A quick search will uncover a variety of articles and jokes bemoaning the process, and with good reason; it has long been the Achilles’ heel of many a designer’s creative freedom.

However, as enjoyable as it can be to slam the design feedback process, there are steps you can take to make the most out of it — because let’s face it — you usually don’t have a choice to design on your own (and if you do, consider yourself lucky).


The Web's Undead

For most people, the web looks and feels like things are all peachy — vibrant, alive, new, fresh. However for those of us in the know, below this facade exists a consistent cycle of death and rebirth.

While many technologies and practices have left this world and passed on to the next (R.I.P Netscape), some have been more resilient. Supposedly dead elements of the web are rising from the grave, continuing to haunt us.

This article will explore the state of the web zombie invasion!


How Web Designers Can Adopt a Global Mindset

Globalization is one of the biggest business buzzwords in the 21st century. The rise of the internet as the world’s dominant medium is largely responsible for the onset of this global mindset, as businesses of all sizes realize the potential of tapping into new or emerging markets afforded by the World Wide Web.

So what can the web designers of the world do to help the global cause? How can developers ensure that their work is accessible and appealing to as diverse an international audience as possible?


Making Money Designing Themes: The Pros and Cons

Alongside my primary income stream, which is my web design freelance business, I’ve also been selling themes and templates for content management systems and publishing platforms like WordPress for close to two years now.

Although theme design can seem like the promised land for web designers and web developers — with some theme authors making tens of thousands of dollars from a single theme alone — it’s actually more like a gold rush: a chosen few hit it big, but only after putting in a lot of hard work.