10 Interesting CSS3 Experiments and Demos

You’ve heard it plenty of times before: We’re at the precipice of a transition in the way we, as developers, do things. Leading the way are future standards like CSS3 and HTML5, both already partially implemented in 4 out of the 5 major web browsers, with IE9 promising support, empowering us with new ways of making interactive and rich user experiences.

Just how awesome is CSS3? Find out by checking out these 10 experiments and demos that push the capabilities of the specs.


Building Rich Internet Applications with Frameworks

JavaScript libraries, ICEfaces, Adobe Flash 4, Microsoft Silverlight, and now, HTML5 have been competing for web dominance as the world wide web is thrown into a new era — an era dominated by rich internet applications (RIA for short).

The purpose of this article is to define what RIAs are, explain why the web has been moving towards RIAs, explore the different RIA frameworks that exist today, give an overview of the pros and cons for each framework, and discuss how these new technologies might coexist in the future.


Drawing the Line: 6 Things You Shouldn't Tolerate in Projects

I was pretty proud when I netted my first clients as a freelancer. Wow! Someone is actually willing to give me their money and have me design their site? I was ecstatic that someone had picked me out of all the talented designers out there.

But my joy didn’t last very long.

The projects were underfunded and the clients always asked for more, so I ended up designing and coding entire sites for about half the cost of what I currently make.


A Guide on Layout Types in Web Design

One of the most variable aspects of web design is the way in which we approach width and height in terms of measurements and flexibility.

For many years, we have rotated between the benefits and pitfalls of using fixed, elastic, and liquid measurements in a quest to give optimal viewing experiences in highly varied situations, while balancing our need to control things in our web pages.


Search Analysis with Google Analytics

Tracking and studying searches on your site is a valuable part of site analytics, but many site owners underestimate the benefit of it. Website search analytics can provide advantageous insights into what people are looking for on your site and also what your site looks like in search engine results.

In this guide, we’ll go over the fundamentals of search analytics, using Google Analytics as our tool.


10 Reasons You Shouldn't Be a Designer

Did you know that becoming a designer is relatively easy? You go to school (some people even skip that part), you interview for a job or start your own freelancing business, and then you start getting paid in exchange for making stuff look cool.

That’s about it.

Or is it?


A Comprehensive Guide to Microsoft Vista Fonts for Designers

[T]here are no bad fonts — only inappropriate ones.

Jason Beaird

The majority of computer users became aware of Microsoft Windows Vista on January 30, 2007, when the company released the new operating system publicly.

You and I of course knew about it well beforehand. Once Vista was available for beta, many web designers adopted it early to begin trying — with varying levels of success — to figure out if they can incorporate Vista fonts into their designs.