The Only HTML5 Resources You Need to Get You Up to Speed

There’s a lot of buzz going around about HTML5. Big companies such as Apple are predicting that it’s the technology that will sign the death warrant of the popular Flash platform that powers a lot of rich internet apps and complex dynamic web components.

But what is HTML5, really? How will it change the jobs of web developers and web designers? Here are 15 web resources to help you on your quest in getting current about the impending technology that’s already being adopted by major web browsers and leveraged in large sites such as Google.


10 SEO Tips to Remember When Building Your Site

Let us assume that, just like everyone else, you are building a website–after all, the Web is where it is all happening now. As soon as your website goes live–and especially while you are still in the design and development phase–you need to make sure your site’s content will be found through search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing where many people go to look for information.

Whether you’re starting a blog or deploying an e-commerce solution for your clients, it’s a good idea to keep in mind some good web development practices that will enhance your chances in search rankings.


WordPress Theme Frameworks: Options You Should Consider

There is no doubt that WordPress is an awesome piece of open source application, and in addition, creating custom themes for it is very intuitive and relatively easy with the WordPress API.

With that said, creating your own custom themes from scratch can be very time-consuming, with plenty of unnecessarily repetitive tasks.


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5 Web Files That Will Improve Your Website

The amount of code that developers encounter regularly is staggering. At any one time, a single site can make use of over five different web languages (i.e. MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML).

There are a number of lesser-known and underused ways to enhance your site with a few simple but powerful files. This article aims to highlight five of these unsung heroes that can assist your site. They’re pretty easy to use and understand, and thus, can be great additions to the websites you deploy or currently run.


10 Android Apps Every Web Designer Should Know About

With the dominance of Apple’s iPhone in the recent years, Google’s Android OS seems to have been left in its shadows. However, this is only because the iPhone was released long before any Android device. Nevertheless, as the popularity of Android grows (and its growth is staggering) so does its range of apps.

In this article are the top 10 Android apps for people who make websites, enabling them to be productive whilst on the go.


40 Great Resources for a Complete Roadmap to Freelancing

An important activity that all freelancers need to do–no matter what their freelancing field may be–is to read and educate ourselves. Reading is a great source for freelancers to get motivated, inspired, and learns tips and techniques for becoming a better professional.

There are many excellent resources on the web dedicated to the Freelancer. From getting inspiration to dealing with creativity burnout, you will find it all on the internet; there is a lot of information spread throughout the nooks and crannies of the online world, covering all the topics you could possibly think of concerning freelancing.