Sensational Jobs is a brand new job board for web designers and developers that’s creating much buzz and excitement in the web industry. They’ve teamed up with us to give away three Magic Trackpads.

For a chance to win:

  1. Check out the Sensational Jobs website
  2. Leave a comment on this post about the things you like/love about their site or how the site will help you
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This giveaway ends on September 1, 2010 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

Getting Started with Drupal: A Comprehensive Hands-On Guide

Drupal is a popular open source content management system. With its powerful and advanced features, you can build complex websites with ease, compared to building them from scratch. With the support of a huge community and a big number of available modules, no wonder Drupal is a system you keep hearing about over and over again.

In this guide, we are going to discover Drupal using a pragmatic approach. We will create a Drupal site with a custom content type and views.


A Comprehensive Guide to Minimalism in Web Design

Minimalism is a word that gets tossed around in a lot of different contexts. Whether it be a lifestyle or an art form, saying something is "minimalistic" can take on a variety of meanings.

In the web design field, minimalism is carving out an ever-increasing niche among designers that are looking to convey important content in a new way. Like just about any trend or theory in the web design world, minimalism can be easy to get wrong.



5 Common SEO Mistakes with Web Page Titles

Page titles are one of the most powerful on-site search engine ranking factors that you have control over but website owners often neglect them.


7 Tips for Giving Effective Design Project Quotes

It’s a familiar situation for any freelancer — you open your email inbox, scan through the day’s spam and auto-responder messages, and come across a request for proposal.

It’s the same as the other design requests, aside from one small detail — instead of the standard "we can pay [this much]" message, there’s a line at the end asking how much you think the project will cost.

Being asked to name your own price might seem like a miracle situation, but it’s rarely a relaxing experience for freelance designers, particularly those without a solid and secure price structure for their services.

That one request can end up triggering anxiety and worry, as even the most skilled designer begins to wonder just how much their work time is really worth.


Mobile Web Design: Best Practices

The explosion in user adoption of mobile devices has revolutionized the web. Though designing for the Mobile Web follow similar principles to designing websites, we must consider some notable differences.

For one, current mobile device networks don’t run in the same speed as broadband devices.

In addition, there are also a myriad of ways our mobile web designs are displayed in, from touch screens to netbooks, which make even the smallest desktop monitors look like giants.