The Art of Distinction in Web Design

One of the hardest tasks we undertake in the user experience field is trying to gain and hold a visitor’s attention in the right way. Distinctive design and the ability to focus eyes where they are needed in our web designs is a tricky task, but is something that we should have a firm grasp of.

Understanding the artistic traits of influence and distinction allow us to balance important details over our regular content and thus gives us the opportunity to have a great impact and influence on our consumers.


9 Productivity Techniques for Freelancers

Few freelancers work according to the standard eight-hour daily schedule. With remote working opportunities available to almost every designer and home-based offices now a common occurrence, it’s even more difficult to find a designer working to the traditional work schedule than it is to find one enjoying a work style that’s based on nothing more than their own preferences.

Experts call it the blurring of work and life, claiming that technology is responsible for integrating work so firmly in our time.



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Spying On Competition Using Social Media

When we use social media tools, whether it be updating our status or checking-in to a location, the last thing we ever think about is the repercussions of our actions on social networks.

Little do you know that you’re divulging information that could impact your business life a lot more than you think.

Disclaimer: What I discuss in this article was merely an experiment and I hope that no one employs these tactics with malicious intentions. This is a story about the dangers of exposing too much information on social networks.


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Reminding Yourself That You Love What You Do

Reminding yourself that you love what you do is an important part of keeping your mind and your work fresh. As creative professionals, it’s easy to get caught up in the business end of things and not actually spending much time doing anything for ourselves. If you are freelancing or working at an agency, it’s important to have something in your pipeline that’s done just for the fun of it.

The first thing to do is look back at your motivation for getting started in this profession in the first place. Why’d you start doing this, anyway?


Reductionism in Web Design

In the field of design, the phrase "complexity is the enemy" speaks to how keeping things simple makes our work more functional.

With the modern crop of technologies that dole out increasing amounts of functionality, it’s important that we take the time to ensure a balanced level between oversimplification to the level that insults our visitor’s sense of competency and extreme complexity which endangers their experience.