Win a Fully Loaded Website from Wix

Wix, a free website builder tool for quick and easy creation of high-quality Flash websites, is offering two 1-year subscriptions to their Premium Combo Plan. Read on to see how you can win a fully loaded website from Wix.


A Web Designer's Guide to Linux Fonts

"Many people find Linux to be an afterthought as far as target audience is concerned, but Linux is exponentially increasing in popularity as an alternative to other operating systems. … Web design should be bulletproof and your choice of type should be no different."

Jonathan Christopher

Linux Users and Web Design

One area in which few Linux users see any representation is Web typography. In 2003, Linux user and software developer Jeremy Zawodny howled about the dearth of decent fonts for Linux.


A 6-Step General Process for Making a Website

When it comes to building a website, it helps to have a process to follow, especially if you are just getting started as a web designer. Good guidelines can help you work better by keeping forgetfulness to a minimum.

Every designer or company will develop unique components to their web design process over time, but the basics remain the same: learn, plan, design, code, launch and maintain.