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How to Handle Difficult Client Situations

As business owners, freelancers, and working professionals, many of us are in contact with clients on a daily basis — and unfortunately, difficult situations between us do come up every so often.

Having a good idea of how to deal with these problems beforehand will make it easier to react when they occur. It’s important to figure out what your values are and what you are willing to do before setting out in the business world.


5 Ways to Add Value to Your Work as a Web Designer

Let’s face it… we’re in a day and age where someone can buy a domain, hosting, and install a premium WordPress theme in the same time that some designers take to respond with a job quote/request for proposal.

On top of that, many designers are attempting a race to the bottom by lowering rates and adding a myriad of services they wouldn’t have offered years prior.


This one’s going to be a treat for you web designers out there: P2H, the first PSD to HTML conversion service provider, has decided to provide up to three pages of their Hi-End Package markup, valued at $450.

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment stating how this service can help you and your desire for your project to be featured on a Six Revisions article.

This giveaway ends on October 13, 2010 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

WordPress Custom Post Types Guide

One of the most anticipated features of WordPress 3.0 was the ability to add your own custom post types to WordPress, which allows you to display and categorize different types of content outside of the 5 native WordPress content types (i.e. Post, Page, Attachment, and so forth). The addition of this feature is a big step forward in making WordPress a full-fledged CMS, extending outside its normal use as a blogging platform.


The Science Behind a Single Page Website

We have all come across them whilst browsing the web, and many of the examples that exist are quite awe-inspiring, the single page website is a paradigm of the modern web in which everything that needs saying can be placed in a single document.

Whilst the single page layout option can lead to overwhelmingly large documents of endless scrolling, a series of clever mechanisms using modern standards and techniques such as CSS3 and Ajax have burst onto the scenes, offering a method of simply giving information as they’re required.


5 Fundamental Steps to Deploying a Website

Something that is overlooked by a lot of web designers and developers is what is actually involved in the deployment of a website; the process when you’ve finished developing the site, tested to make sure it works, and are ready to push it to a live web server.