Announcement: Winners of $300 in AlertFox Credit

AlertFox, an awesome website monitoring service, held a giveaway on Six Revisions recently, giving away $300 in credit to their service to three Six Revisions readers. Read on to learn who the three winners are.


10 Things You Can Do to Become a Better PHP Developer

PHP is probably the most popular web development language right now. At least 20 million domains use PHP and it’s the language used on major sites such as Wikipedia and Facebook as well as in some of the world’s biggest open source projects like WordPress and Drupal.


10 Ideas for Creating Innovative and Unique Web Designs

I am a big fan of Twitter. I consider it the one tool that helped me develop from a person who simply knew how to make websites to a web designer because the exposure to fantastic designers, tutorials, recommended readings, and impressive examples helped me build my design toolset and grow my abilities on both a technical and creative level.

So whenever someone asks my advice on how to become a better designer, things such as social networks (like Twitter and Facebook), design galleries and RSS feeds are at the top of my list of things that you should be using to learn and improve.


Click here to open the MacX DVD Ripper Pro 3.0.0 Six Revisions page on a new browser tab/browser window

MacXDVD Software, Inc. has teamed up with Six Revision to provide an exclusive free download of their software, MacX DVD Ripper Pro 3.0.0 (available for Windows and Mac OS X).

The software, which is normally $34.95, is free for a limited time (until January 18, 2011). Go to the Six Revisions MacX DVD Ripper Pro 3.0.0 page to download the software and grab the license key. You have to use the license key displayed on that page before January 18, 2011 in order to take advantage of the free offering.


Click here to open JoomlArt Magento Theme Club in a new browser window/browser tab.

JoomlArt, a theme club that provides its members with Joomla, Drupal, and Magento themes, is giving away 5 Personal Memberships to the JoomlArt Magento Theme Club (JMTC), which gives the winners 3 months worth of access to the Magento Theme Club (worth $200) where they can download high-quality Magento themes for their e-stores. Read on to see how you can win this awesome membership.


5 Practices Your Clients Will Love

If your business relationships are going to work, your clients have to like you. If they feel comfortable with you, you’ll be on solid ground; a good rapport reduces the likelihood that you’ll get into difficult client situations. When you invest in a relationship — any relationship — the value of that relationship increases and it becomes more likely to bear fruit. So, once you’ve found awesome clients who are fond of you and your work, go the extra mile to ensure their loyalty and esteem. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Is Web Copy Ruining Your Design?

Integrating web copy and design can be a difficult feat when the designer and copywriter aren’t on the same page. Failure and disappointment often follow.