The Importance of Historiography on the Web

The topic of history immediately draws to mind a dusty classroom in which professors tell stories of war, royalty and civilizations lost to the sands of time.

While traditional history is expressed as a vibrant tapestry of events, dates, people and places, we often forget that the web has its own rich history and a legacy to leave future generations that needs both preservation and recognition.


Paper vCard: Free PSD Web Page Template


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Details Make the Difference in Web Design

Details make a world of difference when distinguishing between ordinary and extraordinary.

A luxury car may have the same number of wheels, seats, windows and doors as a traditional vehicle, but what sets it apart from the competition is the time spent on the details. Heated leather seats, a push-to-start engine, keyless entry, automated parking and extensive digital consoles add value to an expensive, new car.


Anatomy of an Effective Product Page Design

The goal of any new e-commerce website appears to be to challenge (and be better than) The well informed among us would say this is an impossible task and anyone suggesting different is overly ambitious or crazy. Yet with all this ambition, the websites of many online businesses simply don’t make the effort to create a site that could even challenge the Internet behemoth that is Amazon — let alone topple it.


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Some web designers (and many web content writers) view on-page SEO as a necessary evil to an effective content strategy on the web. However, when properly executed, SEO can actually enhance a site visitor’s experience, rather than detract from it.

In this article, I’ll run through several examples of how SEO can be improved with the user in mind. Reviewing these examples should help site builders gain a solid understanding of SEO practices that work together to create highly effective sites.