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User Interface Patterns for Dealing with Interactive Content

Websites and web applications are getting more and more interactive each day. Content on websites have the advantage over their printed counterparts in that, if we wanted to, we can let our users interact with them.

We have already discussed site navigation patterns and popular web content presentation patterns. Now, let us explore some UI patterns for our interactive website content.


10 Tips for Decreasing Web Page Load Times

Patience is a virtue, but for many, it is often a difficult concept to practice. That is especially true for web users visiting a website that takes a long time to load. Users are enamored with speedy websites, and when a site responds slowly, visitors lose their patience and are less likely to come back.

Improving the speed of your website is important not only to users, but to search engine rankings as well. Last April, Google announced that they are now including website speed in their search ranking algorithms.


Shine Styles: Free Photoshop Style Layers


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How Much Traffic Can Your Website Handle?

Most websites load reasonably fast when visited by their average number of users. However, performance rapidly deteriorates when a site is overwhelmed by peak traffic (the times when the site’s traffic is the highest) and during traffic spikes.

In a quest to learn about the art and science of peak traffic estimation, I began to study some publicly available data to see if I could try to discover a connection between peak traffic and the average traffic of a website, as well as the type of traffic it can receive.