When it comes to SEO, Google’s PageRank (PR), which is the most used SEO ranking metric, is vague and unhelpful. Although most SEOs would agree that it’s an indication of a page’s popularity (or power), it’s unclear why that’s so or exactly how popular a ranked website is.

For example, for a website with a PR of 7 — and as a point of reference, this website has a PR of 6 — most people would assume it’s a popular, and thus powerful, website.

But that’s not always the case, and there are quite a lot of exceptions.


50 Beautifully Blue Logo Designs

The color blue, in many cultures, symbolizes wisdom, trust, depth, intelligence, confidence, faith, and truth. It’s the color of the sky and the ocean, and so it’s also often associated with tranquility and calmness.  Below are 50 examples of blue logos. Notice the variety of blues, from lapis lazuli to sky blue, used in these logos.

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A growing number of top quality designers are turning away from contract work and towards their own personal projects (such as selling WordPress premium themes, for example). From skills-based products to online consulting, the world of design goes far beyond the field of Design itself; it extends into disciplines such as online retailing and marketing — two of the most lucrative forces on the web.


Letting Bad Design Decisions Happen

For a web designer — whether you work in a design agency, a design department of a large company, or as a freelancer — it’s a rare occasion that you embark on a project totally on your own. The creation and deployment of a new website is almost always a team activity comprised of clients, employers, other designers, and developers.


Your Client Knows More Than You

"The customer is always right." It’s an often disagreeable adage, but it exists for a reason. Those of us who have had any direct client experience understand that a happy customer makes for a happy business. Return customers account for the bulk of any good design business.


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