As designers, we’re always trying to get the most out of our interfaces and maximize whatever space is made available to us. While many solutions have been devised over the years, one above all others has consistently influenced the way visitors access the content they seek.

From simple techniques, such as tooltips and drop-down menus, to complex single-page websites powered by Ajax, progressive disclosure has become a formidable force.


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10 Techniques for Customizing the WordPress Admin Panel

A while back, I wrote a guide on how to improve the WordPress Admin Panel as an exploration of how we can customize the user interface of WordPress for end-users. In this post, I’ll take you even further with some awesome tricks, techniques and snippets from my website, WP-Snippets.

In the previous post, we removed a lot of clutter and things that we didn’t need. Now we’ll focus on things that happen behind the scene that can enhance the user experience.