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After nearly fifteen years working as a web professional, there are many things I wish I’d known years ago when I was just getting started. You might think that the top items of regret are about not learning or mastering technical skills or tools like Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Node.js or Fireworks. Not so.

In fact, I believe the tools and web programming languages you use are one of the least important factors.


Critical Thinking as a Powerful Learning Tool

Web designers are constantly learning and evolving. The web design community, relative to other professional communities, is young and hungry to learn. These are — more often than not — great characteristics of an industry that strives to progress and innovate.

However, being young and being hungry for knowledge also fuels unfair snap judgments about the value of the work and learning material being put out there. So often, I see a new blog post or news story that results in a polarized debate instead of an informative conversation that can push an idea forward.


Effective Website Help Systems: Examples and Best Practices

Web designers should regard every user who comes to our websites as potential newcomers, providing enough instruction and guidelines for them to complete their tasks and get familiar with the site.

Almost every type of website has to help its users, but in different ways. The type of website will determine the type of help system you should be providing.


Building Mobile Web Apps the Right Way: Tips and Techniques

Mobile web apps are useful alternatives to native apps for mobile devices. These days, Android-based products and iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad all come packed with fantastic mobile browsers (Mobile Chrome and Mobile Safari respectively), and Opera fans can install their preferred browser, too.

From a desktop point of view, these products make browsing just about the most pleasurable experience possible. CSS3 transitions, beautifully crafted HTML5 and embellishments mean their users get the highest possible browsing experience (assuming the content being viewed has been crafted with care and consideration).


In a recent giveaway, Focal Press teamed up with Six Revisions to give away 10 copies of Interactive InDesign CS5, an excellent book for learning about Adobe’s popular desktop publishing software in a simple and concise way.

The winners of the giveaway are:

Five Social Media Trends That Suck

Along with all the excitement over the potential power of social media, a handful of common bad strategies and decisions have begun to pop up.

These aren’t just small issues, either. Several of them are serious enough to critically damage your overall social media efforts, and could even stop your program dead in its tracks. I’ve seen several of these terrible mistakes appear repeatedly across companies of all sizes.