Creating HTML Emails: An Overview for Web Designers

Jun 2 2011 by Cameron Chapman | 41 Comments

A lot of the requirements of great HTML emails fly right in the face of what makes great website designs. Until you understand the nuances of HTML email design, it can be a frustrating and fruitless experience. But once you understand and accept that HTML email is a fickle, inconsistent, and bug-prone medium, it’s possible to use it to great effect in marketing both for yourself and your clients.

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A Guide to CSS Colors in Web Design

Jun 1 2011 by Alexander Dawson | 22 Comments

With the exceptions of typography and layout, nothing has a more profound impact on the way we design and craft websites than color — from the visuals we showcase through images and media to the simple choice of whether to use salmon pink or neon green to give a website that ’90s "Help, I’m going blind!" appeal. This simple guide will look into CSS colors. You’ll also find excellent color charts and tools to help you work with color values.

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