Diving Into Site Search Analytics: Interview with Louis Rosenfeld

Data from internal site search queries performed by your users is a gold mine of information. This information can be used to guide site improvements related to design, information architecture, content, and more.

Site search analytics (SSA) is an emerging form of site analytics that studies search query data to discover patterns in site use.


8 Excellent WordPress Caching Plugins to Speed Up Your Site

If you use WordPress as your publishing platform and are concerned about speeding up your website, caching will help you. The faster a web page loads, the better the user experience is.

This is how WordPress caching works: it generates a copy of your web pages and stores them in your server as static files (i.e. as HTML documents) and/or cached database queries. Afterwards, when a site visitor arrives at a particular page, the server gives them the cached page rather than re-querying your database and dynamically generating it, thus speeding up page response times and potentially reducing the server resources required for generating and serving a web page.


What Are Websites Made Of? (Infographic)

The Internet is such an integral part of our lives nowadays, yet how much do we know about what’s occurring under the hood?

From the proliferation of web programming languages such as PHP, to the matter of data expansion, storage size, rate of growth of the Internet, and the amount of bandwidth required to serve the world’s Internet users, this infographic looks at what websites are made of.


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7 Ways to Get More Referrals for Your Web Design Business

A long time ago, I heard one businessman ask another, "What can I do to help you out?"

The man thought for a moment, and then said, "The best thing you can do for me is refer someone else my way."

He was probably right. Because customers value the advice of people they know, referrals are often the best leads a business can get.


Let’s start off with a simple task. Most web users can find the primary navigation on the image below, but take a few moments to see if you can find the secondary navigation.


10 Excellent Tools for Responsive Web Design

So, you’ve decided to venture into the creation of responsive web designs. Wonderful! With the browsing landscape diversifying into mobile devices, netbooks, desktops and so forth, responsive web designs allow web designers to provide different layouts for specific devices (based on screen size and browser features) giving site visitors an optimal user experience.

So now, you’ve determined that it would be beneficial to create responsive web designs. What tools can help you get the job done?