There is an array of wonderful jQuery typography plugins that give web designers greater control over their sites’ web typography. At the hands of a capable designer, you can leverage the power of jQuery in web pages to reach a high level of typographic elegance and sophistication.

Below is a list of top jQuery plugins that serve a wide range of purposes related to web typography, from helping you implement @font-face to providing your users with better usability and functionality when it comes to your website’s fonts.


Graphics in Photoshop: 6 Beginner Tips for Web Designers

Graphic design and web design are two distinct visual fields that have different requirements, best practices and methodologies.

For example, it’s much easier in web design to use pixel-based/raster-based file formats (like JPG, GIF or PNG). Conversely, vector files such as EPS and AI — which are scalable without leading to pixelation — are better suited for graphic design, for things like logos that might be used in a variety of sizes. As of yet, vector-based graphics designed for the web (such as SVG or HTML5 Canvas) are not universally and uniformly supported in all browsers.


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The father of the e-book passed away last week. Michael Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg, died Tuesday, September 6, at the age of 64. Considered by most to be the man that jumpstarted the move toward digital books, Hart created the first fully digitized public document by hand-typing the Declaration of Independence into a University of Illinois computer.

That was back in 1971, and Project Gutenberg has arguably paved the way for what we now know as e-readers and, most importantly, e-books.


Improving the Usability of Web Content (Elsewhere on the Web)

Just thought you’d like to know of an article I wrote for Mashable on how to improve the usability and readability of web content. The article covers seven practical, easy-to-implement tips based on studies done by Jakob Nielsen, Gerry McGovern, academic researchers and others.


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