I’m a huge fan of JavaScript. Its popularity has really surged in recent years with the advent of rich internet applications (RIAs), Ajax and web development libraries like jQuery that makes JavaScript more appealing and accessible to a broader audience.

However, that doesn’t mean the language is without its quirks, and often these can come from nowhere to bite you. There’s a long running joke about JavaScript’s good parts compared to its bad parts and how the language has many problems. In this multi-part guide, I’ll present you with a solution to most of these problems: CoffeeScript.


How many times have you been in the following situation? You just spent two weeks working on a design that you’re showing to a client. He likes it, but he wants to make a couple of changes that would take a couple more hours of work. Why? You don’t know.

He doesn’t know. Nobody knows. He just thinks that adding an embedded map on the right side of the web page is cool. He really likes his own idea and wants you to make the change, and you’re left with one of two options: make the client happy, or make users happy.


Firebug Guide for Web Designers

Firebug — an open source web development tool extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser — is incredibly powerful, with a wide range of super useful and practical features that would benefit any web designer or developer.

In fact, this browser extension (also available in other web browsers with limited functionality) is so useful and popular that it has browser extensions of its own.