Giveaway: 100 Custom Flyers from Next Day Flyers

Jan 23 2012 by Jacob Gube | 59 Comments

Click here to open Next Day Flyers - Club Flyers page in a new browser tab/browser window.

We’ve partnered up again with our wonderful friends at Next Day Flyers to give away two sets of 1/4-page flyers with free shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S. Each set contains 100 flyers. Flyer printing can be used and customized for a variety of purposes including promoting a club event, marketing a small business and sending out announcements. Read on to see how you can win!

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The Proxority Principle in Web Design

Jan 18 2012 by Alexander Dawson | 27 Comments

In web design, the position of design elements and the layout of web pages is everything. So many cool, exciting techniques are available to help us lay out our designs (especially with CSS3 at our disposal) that we often forget that structure is as important as aesthetics.

How do you determine where content should appear, and how can a well-oiled interface increase website readability? This is what we’ll aim to uncover in this article.

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Giveaway: 10 Subscriptions to Mindomo (Mind-Mapping App)

Jan 18 2012 by Jacob Gube | 62 Comments

Giveaway: 10 Subscriptions to Mindomo (Mind-Mapping App)

Mindomo, a mind mapping application for brainstorming,  has teamed up with us to give out 10 Premium Account subscriptions for one year (worth $65 each). Read on to see how you can win this awesome prize.

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Announcement: Winners of PSD to Conversion Services

Jan 14 2012 by Jacob Gube | No Comments

Winners of PSD to Conversion Services

We had a great giveaway from our friends at, a leading provider of PSD to HTML conversion services. In this post, we’d like to announce the two winners who’ve won themselves $400 and $300 worth of services, as well as three free pages of design to mobile template conversion.

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Giveaway: 5 Free Deals from Deals2Have

Jan 10 2012 by Jacob Gube | 50 Comments

Click here to open Deals2Have home page in new browser window/tab.

Our friends at Deals2Have — a site providing great discounts on digital products for Mac enthusiasts, creative professionals and startups — is giving away five free deals to five lucky Six Revisions winners. Read on to find out how you can win!

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