30 Minimalist Portfolio Website Designs for Inspiration

There seems to be a recent trend whereby creatives are aesthetically stripping down their online portfolios to their bare essentials. (UK-based web designer/web developer Kean Richmond recently discussed this trend in an article about "undesign", and the possible reasons why this trend is becoming widespread.)

In this showcase, you’ll get to see 30 great examples of minimalist portfolio sites for your inspiration.


"Undesign" Your Portfolio Website

Even the most ineffective, unattractive or simple of man-made objects have been designed in some way. The same is true for the Web: Even the most hideous of websites are created by someone who has consciously made decisions into its design.

For web design professionals, it’s normal to put a lot of work into a design, using research, analysis and their expertise to form a design to delight and engage. This process is not quick and while many of us spend hours crafting websites for clients, our own website goes wanting.

It’s in this situation that the process of undesign is growing.