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Useful Infographics about HTML5

Whether you need to quickly get up to speed with HTML5 or are in search of easy-to-digest resources that you can use to educate your clients about this web technology that’s creating a huge paradigm shift in the web and mobile development ecosystem, this collection of infographics that visualize HTML5 facts and figures will help.


How to Create Content Maps for Planning Your Website's Content

Content mapping is a visual technique that will help you organize and understand the content of a website. It can be a simple and valuable part of your site’s overall content strategy. This short and simple guide should help you get started.


Responsive web design is the practice of enhancing the experience of the user by adapting the web page layout to the device he or she is using when accessing the site. There are several ways to create a responsive web design, media queries being the standard technique.

Check out the beautiful responsive website layouts below for inspiration in your own responsive web design projects.


The Creative Process of Professional Designers

Have you ever wondered how other designers do their jobs? How do they come up with incredible ideas? What tools do they use to get their tasks done? How do they manage their time?


25 Beautiful Examples of Pricing Tables

When a web application or web service has several prices, they’ll often have a pricing page that displays the different plans or subscriptions you can get, typically laid out in a pricing table so that you can easily compare between the differences of each item.

For inspiration, check out this collection of pricing tables from various websites.


6 Good Tips for Your Freelance Design Contracts

In freelance work, having legal contracts between you and the clients you work with is important. Contracts legally protect you and your business in various ways and helps in making sure that you’re properly compensated for the work that you do.

What follows are a few tips you should keep in mind when you’re drafting your contracts for your design services.

Though we’ve focused on the needs of designers, these tips are also applicable to a wide range of professions (especially creative services professions).