Search Engine Rankings or Your Users?

Google isn’t completely transparent with how web pages are ranked on their search engine results pages, but Google employee Matt Cutts has in the past confirmed that site speed does have a bearing on search engine ranking. Why? "Faster sites create happy users," Cutts said.

A recent study by Moz (producers of SEO software) carried out by data scientist Matt Peters along with Zoompf (a website performance platform) took an in-depth look at the correlation between site speed and Google search engine rankings.

The findings confirmed that website speed does matter when it comes to search engine rankings, but it’s Time To First Byte (TTFB) that makes the difference rather than page load times.


What It's Like to Sell Your Web Design Company

Flying somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, I wondered if I was making the right decision.

I had just spent two weeks away from my business on my honeymoon, and the net result of my thoughts led me to believe that selling my web design business was the best chance I had at making a difference in the world.


Free Flat Icons

This is a free flat icon set that embodies the recently popular Flat Design aesthetic. This freebie containing 10 icons is provided to you in PNG and PSD formats.


Do you find that many of your web design projects start with great energy and clarity, only to slow down and get hairy a few weeks in?

I will discuss the typical problems that arise in web design projects, common solutions many of us have tried, and what actually worked for my company after 8 years of business: the Action Register.


Great content offers website owners a plethora of benefits.

That’s why brands, big and small, from Red Bull to your neighborhood’s coffee shop, are trying to better serve their customers by providing relevant and interesting content through various channels.