Free Responsive Email Template: Thanksgiving Theme

Nov 28 2013 by Julia S. Grey | No Comments

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Free Download: Metro Tiles UI Kit (PSD)

Nov 10 2013 by Bogdan Condurache | No Comments

Free Download: Metro Tiles UI Kit (PSD)

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Why the Long-Table Approach Leads to Better Designs

Nov 6 2013 by Toke Nygaard | 5 Comments

The best startups today understand that great design is a team effort.

We need to deliver a seamless design and brand experience throughout all the things our customers see and touch.

And that’s no easy task when we silo our designers into teams like Marketing and Product Development.

At my company, Zendesk, we’ve adopted a long-table approach where the entire design team works at a single communal table.

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When Flat Design Falls Flat

Nov 4 2013 by Rick Debus | 52 Comments

Flat design is the most popular trend in UI design right now.

Superficially, flat design is simple:

  1. Don’t use gradients, shadows and textures
  2. Use simple shapes, bold colors and clear typography

I believe that a few prominent flat designs sacrifice usability and best practices such as consistency for the sake of aesthetics — and this is what I’ll primarily be talking about. But first, I’d like to discuss flat design in a historical context.

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