Top 10 Free Online RSS Readers

Dec 22 2014 by Jacob Gube | No Comments

After restarting my RSS subscriptions, I’ve been on a constant lookout for good RSS readers. There’s an overwhelming amount of them out there, an aftermath of a race to fill the void Google Reader left when it was shut down.

Here’s a review of the 10 best free online RSS readers I’ve come across so far.

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CSS Link Pseudo-classes

Dec 19 2014 by Jacob Gube | No Comments

Link pseudo-classes give web designers the ability to style various states of HTML links.

The CSS pseudo-classes commonly used for styling hyperlinks are :link, :visited, :hover, :active, and :focus.

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Creating Responsive Images with CSS

Dec 17 2014 by Jacob Gube | 4 Comments

In this tutorial, you will learn the simplest technique for achieving responsive images.

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Why the :visited Pseudo-class is Strange

Dec 15 2014 by Jacob Gube | 3 Comments

Modern browsers have severely restrained the CSS properties that developers can use in a style rule that uses the :visited link pseudo-class. If you’re unfamiliar with this oddball pseudo-class, you may be wondering why your site’s visited links aren’t rendering as expected.

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How to Quickly Set Up Less.js

Dec 10 2014 by Jacob Gube | 3 Comments

Less.js (or just Less) is a CSS preprocessor that can revolutionize the way you write CSS. And it’s easy to install and set up for web development.

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25 Examples of Beautiful Web Typography

Dec 1 2014 by Jacob Gube | 4 Comments

Web fonts have given web designers greater options for web typography. For ideas and inspiration, check out these beautiful examples of web typography.

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10 Free Online Markdown Editors

Nov 26 2014 by Jacob Gube | 7 Comments

Markdown is a syntax designed specifically for easier web writing. In this post, you’ll find the best free online Markdown editors.

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