Value Activation: A Different Business Model for Internet Entrepreneurs

Oct 21 2013 by Marc Gayle | 3 Comments

When we pay for software, it’s usually because it solves a critical problem we have. It satisfies a need. It provides a certain value we’re willing to pay for.

And if we can derive value from a product or a service at no upfront cost, then we are more likely to pay later on in order to continue deriving that value.

Internet entrepreneurs need a business model that supports this notion.

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5 Things That Slow Down Your Startup’s Growth

Sep 30 2013 by Sabelline Chicot | 5 Comments

Creating a startup has never been easier. And once you get going — depending on your drive, vision and personal motivation — you will likely experience rapid growth and productivity at the start of your journey. Everything’s new and there’s seemingly endless potential to grow.

However, once the honeymoon period fades and reality sets in — and it will at some point — you will be faced with doubts, fear, and insecurity. This point in time is a crucial fork in the road; one path will move you forward and the other will lead you astray.

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What It’s Like to Sell Your Web Design Company

Aug 12 2013 by Brent Weaver | 6 Comments

What It's Like to Sell Your Web Design Company

Flying somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, I wondered if I was making the right decision.

I had just spent two weeks away from my business on my honeymoon, and the net result of my thoughts led me to believe that selling my web design business was the best chance I had at making a difference in the world.

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How I Earned A Lot More on Projects by Changing My Pricing Strategy

Jul 19 2013 by Mike McDerment | 16 Comments

Before co-founding FreshBooks, I ran a small design agency. I felt like I was on a treadmill, billing by the hour, and not earning as much as I thought I was worth.

So I rethought everything.

The result was powerful: In 2004, I only worked 19 days, and made over $200,000.

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