Building Localization-Ready Websites: Tips and Things to Consider

Jun 9 2014 by Robert Hunt | 1 Comment

Only 5.3% of the world’s population speaks English as their first language. Research shows that in order to reach 90% of Internet users, we need to be able to support 21 languages1.

If you are trying to reach a global audience, language localization is an important factor to consider when developing a website.

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5 Tips for Pre-Launch Landing Pages

Jan 17 2014 by Brian Casel | 6 Comments

Launching a website, app, or digital product online will require some upfront work.

One of the things that need to be done is to set up a pre-launch landing page that helps people learn about your upcoming product and allow them to subscribe to updates about your launch.

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Using Your Design Skills to Get Website Traffic

Oct 2 2013 by Skellie | 8 Comments

If you’ve got design skills, you have plenty of opportunities available to you for generating additional site traffic.

In this article, I’ll discuss some ideas and show you some examples of website content that have the ability to bring in a lot of site visitors.

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How to Create Better Content Using the Conversion Funnel Approach

Aug 5 2013 by Dalia Lasaite | 3 Comments

Great content offers website owners a plethora of benefits.

That’s why brands, big and small, from Red Bull to your neighborhood’s coffee shop, are trying to better serve their customers by providing relevant and interesting content through various channels.

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Content is All That Matters on the Web

Jul 10 2013 by Wojciech Chojnacki | 2 Comments

Content is All That Matters on the Web

The widespread issue of website owners neglecting the value of their web content is a big problem.

We should talk about this problem because, if you think about it, when people go online their primary reason for doing so is to consume content.

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6 Steps to Writing and Selling Your E-book

Jun 26 2013 by Agota Bialobzeskyte | 3 Comments

Writing and Selling Your E-book

E-books are a good way to earn extra money. The great thing is, as a designer or developer, you’ll also have your existing expertise and knowledge to look to in order to come up with a viable e-book topic, and many of the skills you already possess will make the e-book production process easier.

You have to know (or learn) quite a lot about online marketing in order to successfully pull it off, though.

In this short guide, I will outline a fundamental strategy for writing and selling an e-book, breaking it down in only 6 steps.

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How to Create Content Maps for Planning Your Website’s Content

Sep 17 2012 by James Deer | 11 Comments

How to Create Content Maps for Planning Your Website's Content

Content mapping is a visual technique that will help you organize and understand the content of a website. It can be a simple and valuable part of your site’s overall content strategy. This short and simple guide should help you get started.

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