RSS Zero

Jul 14 2014 by Jacob Gube | 8 Comments

Yesterday morning, I did the unimaginable. Something I didn’t think I was ever capable of doing.

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10 Practical Ways to Bust Through Web Designer’s Block

Dec 9 2010 by Sacha Greif | 29 Comments

10 Practical Ways to Bust Through Web Designer's Block

As a web designer, is there any feeling worse than being creatively uninspired and not being able to complete or start your design projects? It’s frustrating, depressing, and costs us income.

Now imagine if there was a magical, surefire technique to make our creative block instantly disappear, giving us instant creativity and productivity.

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Is Being Permanently Connected to Social Networks Good?

Nov 6 2010 by Kip Keilty | 14 Comments

Is Being Permanently Connected to Social Networks Good?

The introduction of Facebook, Twitter and the like has opened up a whole new world of social interaction and distraction. Suddenly, we can be connected to friends, family and colleagues with the click of a button. Instantly, we can discover what our friend had for dinner or whether their day was a good one or a bad one. Social networking has transformed the way we communicate; there is no denying we live in a permanently connected world.

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Offbeat Tips for Being More Productive and Efficient at Work

Oct 29 2010 by Brad Markovic | 14 Comments

How to be More Productive and Efficient at Work

Productivity and efficiency are important to our work life. We want to be able to produce things well in as little time as possible. We also want to reduce things that detract us from reaching a task’s completion. We need to try to avoid making mistakes, reduce our stress sources and, in general, manage our contentment in order to maintain our ability to get stuff done well and on time.

This article discusses a handful of interesting ideas for improving productivity and efficiency.

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How to Set Up an Effective Mobile Office

Sep 24 2010 by Oleg Mokhov | 26 Comments

Have you ever wanted to get your work done while overlooking a beautiful park, a breathtaking sunset, the calming sea, sitting in an aromatic cafe, or simply while on the train but going to somewhere you actually want to go (i.e. not to the office)?

It’s possible if you set up an effective mobile office.

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9 Productivity Techniques for Freelancers

Aug 9 2010 by Mathew Carpenter | 26 Comments

9 Productivity Techniques for Freelancers

Few freelancers work according to the standard eight-hour daily schedule. With remote working opportunities available to almost every designer and home-based offices now a common occurrence, it’s even more difficult to find a designer working to the traditional work schedule than it is to find one enjoying a work style that’s based on nothing more than their own preferences.

Experts call it the blurring of work and life, claiming that technology is responsible for integrating work so firmly in our time.

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10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be a Designer

Jul 20 2010 by Chris McConnell | 76 Comments

10 Reasons You Shouldn't Be a Designer

Did you know that becoming a designer is relatively easy? You go to school (some people even skip that part), you interview for a job or start your own freelancing business, and then you start getting paid in exchange for making stuff look cool.

That’s about it.

Or is it?

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