How to Make Distributed Design Teams Work

Apr 14 2014 by Noah Coffey and Aaron White | 2 Comments

With more and more technology companies adopting remote working environments, having team members in different parts of the world is not uncommon any more.

Remote working comes with many benefits, but also unique challenges.

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Why the Long-Table Approach Leads to Better Designs

Nov 6 2013 by Toke Nygaard | 5 Comments

The best startups today understand that great design is a team effort.

We need to deliver a seamless design and brand experience throughout all the things our customers see and touch.

And that’s no easy task when we silo our designers into teams like Marketing and Product Development.

At my company, Zendesk, we’ve adopted a long-table approach where the entire design team works at a single communal table.

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Manage Your Web Design Projects Better with an “Action Register”

Aug 7 2013 by Steve Schmidt | 12 Comments

Do you find that many of your web design projects start with great energy and clarity, only to slow down and get hairy a few weeks in?

I will discuss the typical problems that arise in web design projects, common solutions many of us have tried, and what actually worked for my company after 8 years of business: the Action Register.

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The Most Powerful Word Known to Mankind

Jul 22 2013 by Nathan Conyngham | 3 Comments

"Nathan," my boss says to me, "we need to get this feature in before we launch the product."

"Don’t worry, it’s fairly simple and shouldn’t take long," I reply.

The request had been lobbed at me out of nowhere. The request seemed pretty straightforward, and apparently it was mission-critical.

If only I’d realized it was actually a grenade threatening to destroy our product release plans.

You’ve probably been in that same narrative before.

These seemingly small and simple requests can quickly become complex, dangerous, and an absolute nightmare.

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Your Clients Don’t Have to Like Your Work

Jul 17 2013 by Wes McDowell | 16 Comments

Your Clients Don't Have to Like Your Work

Whenever I meet with a new client for the first time, I always tell them this: It’s not important that you like the design I’m going to make for you.

It’s always humorous to see the client’s reaction to this statement. Most look inquisitive, others look downright baffled.

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Improve Your Web Design Projects with a Good Project Scope

Jul 8 2013 by Dominic St-Pierre | 4 Comments

Improve Your Web Design Projects with a Good Project Scope

The first few things you do after a potential client contacts you about a web design project are the most important. In fact, these initial steps can spell the difference between a good or bad project.

There’s plenty of information out there on how to identify bad clients and manage difficult situations. You may even have your own client horror stories of your own.

While it’s true that bad client situations sometimes can’t be avoided — it’s an inherent part of working with other people, after all — many of these situations are just simply the result of lack of communication and understanding.

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How to Get Your Web Development Projects Off to a Good Start

Jun 14 2013 by Gary Williams | 5 Comments

How to Get Your Web Development Projects Off to a Good Start

If you’re anything like my team, you probably want to dive right in head first into a web development project as soon as you possibly can. Because we love our jobs — we’re all very passionate about it.

We’re eager to get started without having to deal with the "boring parts" and we have a laser-beam focus towards the more enjoyable, fun aspects of web development — coding, setting up servers, designing the user interface, you know, the good stuff.

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