10 Web Browsers You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Jan 10 2010 by Cameron Chapman | 158 Comments

Firefox. Internet Explorer. Chrome. Safari. Opera. We’ve pretty much all heard of them by now. They’ve been fighting for market share for the past few years (Internet Explorer has been fighting for it for a lot longer than that), and it’s unlikely any of them will ever come out the absolute winner. They try to be all things to all people. And that’s great.


What if you’re looking for a browser that does just the things you want to do online? What if you’re sick of all the browser-war hubub and want something that’s truly unique and different (and, maybe, works better than the mainstream options)? What then?

10 Web Browsers You Probably Haven't Heard Of

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10 Free Apps for Managing Your Fonts

Dec 2 2009 by Jacob Gube | 36 Comments

If you’re a typical designer or web developer, you probably have a large font collection. Having a sizable number of fonts can make finding the ideal font for a project a grueling effort, akin to a needle in a haystack scenario.

However, there are several free applications that can help you find, categorize, tag, preview, and install/uninstall your fonts. In this article, you’ll find 10 free applications that will help your better manage your font collection.



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Top Five Best Database Management Tools

Nov 14 2009 by Jacob Gube | 72 Comments

For a database administrator, DBM (database management) tools make tasks related to maintaining relational databases efficient and fast. Prior to the popularity of these tools, most DBA’s had to use the command line to create, edit, and delete databases. In this article, we present to you the top five most popular/most voted for database management tools.

Top Five Best Database Management Tools

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Top 20 Essential Firefox Add-ons for Web Designers

Nov 10 2009 by Ben Mackler | 60 Comments

Mozilla Firefox is a very popular browser, especially among web designers and developers. These days, with such a crowded field, staying at the top of the browser heap takes a lot of work. One of the factors that make Firefox so well-liked is the huge library of great extensions that enhance your browsing experience. Among the massive list of add-ons, many are vital to web designers and developers. If used, it will make your workflow quicker and more productive.

Let’s look at our top 20 essential Firefox extensions geared for people who build websites.

1. Web Developer

Web Developer

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10 Free Server & Network Monitoring Tools that Kick Ass

Nov 4 2009 by Ben Dowling | 130 Comments

10 Free Server/Network Monitoring Tools that Kick Ass

When you have a website or a network, it’s helpful to be aware of any issues as soon as they occur. There are open source and freeware server/network monitoring tools that will supervise your infrastructure for any issues that may arise. These tools are meant to aid you in avoiding being taken offline and evaluating if your resource needs has outgrown your infrastructure.

In this article, we review our top 10 server/network monitoring tools. You will see a variety of server applications here so that you might find the tool (or tools) for your needs.

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10 Excellent and Free Blog Editors for the Desktop

Sep 27 2009 by John Urban | 40 Comments

It’s often convenient to have an offline blog editor if you often work in places without ready access to the internet. Even if you do have an internet connection, desktop blogging apps can give you a host of features that the normal UI of your blogging platform simply can’t offer.

In this article, we briefly review some top-notch free desktop blog editors for you to consider.

1. Thingamablog


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Five Free Tools for Multi-Monitor Computer Set-Ups

Sep 16 2009 by John Urban | 48 Comments

As a developer or designer, it is often helpful to have multiple monitors to increase the amount of screen real estate you have, which in turn can lead to higher productivity. For instance, you may have one screen as your primary monitor where you perform your work, and another one that has your email client, Skype, IM client, Twitter client, and other communication apps that you can easily monitor and switch to.

We’d like to share several freeware and open source tools available for download to help you harness the power of multi-display set ups and get you up and running quickly. We hope that you might find the perfect application for you!



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