Add Ratings, Polls and Reviews in Minutes Without Programming

Aug 14 2008 by Andreas Krohn | 19 Comments

Editor’s Note: Andreas Krohn runs the web hosting comparison site and is blogging on and on the swedish blog

Polling feature on WebHostNinja

There are many scripts that makes it possible to add polls, reviews and ratings to your web site relatively easily. Many of them do require a lot of configuration, uploading various files to the server and maybe even some programming to get them to work. Lately I wanted to add polls and reviews to my web hosting comparison site, but I did not have much time to spend on it, so complicated scripts where not an option. Thanks to js-kit I managed to add both a poll and hosting provider reviews in a matter of minutes. It didn’t require any programming and most of the configuration was done directly in the browser. It took me more time to style the poll and the reviews than it took to get them included in my site and working, and I suspect that most Six Revision readers are much better with CSS than I ever will be.

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Using moo.rd to Create Image Galleries

Jun 6 2008 by Riccardo Degni | 11 Comments

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Riccardo Degni, an Italian Web Designer who develops client and server side applications.

He’s here to talk about his latest project – moo.rd – a JavaScript library based on the MooTools framework, as well as walk us through the steps of creating image galleries using moo.rd.

moo.rd - Virtual Box Screenshot

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Create a Nice, Lightweight JavaScript Tooltip

Jun 4 2008 by Michael Leigeber | 202 Comments

Editor’s note: This tutorial was written by Michael Leigeber, a web designer and .NET developer who runs the Leigeber Web Development Blog – a blog that’s setting the blogging community buzzing with his beautiful, lightweight JavaScript solutions.

Tooltip - demo

View the JavaScript Tooltip demonstration.

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