How Fonts Affect the User Experience

Jul 21 2014 by Marcus Taylor | 14 Comments

Several years ago, researchers at MIT confirmed through a study that fonts can impact how we feel: A bad font can make us frown unconsciously, while a good font can make us feel happy.

If fonts can influence our emotions, then they can certainly impact the user experience.

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Developing Trust Towards Your Website: Two Options to Consider

Jun 18 2014 by Smriti Chawla | 1 Comment

Whenever we go to a website we have never been to before, there is a small voice of doubt inside our head, asking "Why should I trust this site? What if I place the order and don’t receive the goods? What if their payment system isn’t secure and my private information leaks out to the public?"

And just like that, we talk themselves out of an online purchase in a matter of seconds.

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Wireframes vs. Prototypes: What’s the Difference?

Apr 11 2014 by Marcin Treder | 2 Comments

A wireframe is not the same as a prototype but even seasoned design professionals can sometimes get the two terms mixed up.

It’s time to set things straight once and for all, since (semantics aside) the difference between a wireframe and a prototype is actually quite substantial.

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A Quick Introduction to Agile UX Design

Mar 24 2014 by Marcin Treder | No Comments

Recently, a coalescing of Agile software development methods and UX design has resulted in what is being called Agile UX design.

Agile UX design frames user experience design within the Agile development framework.

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Onboarding Techniques and Examples for Your New Users

Sep 23 2013 by Krzysztof Kozak | 5 Comments

When someone signs up on your website, or downloads your software, or installs your mobile app, it doesn’t immediately mean the person has already decided to use it.

You have a small window of opportunity to quickly introduce your app’s key features and teach a first-time user how the app works. The process of familiarizing a new user to your app is called onboarding.

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Popular Methods for Online Storytelling

Sep 2 2013 by Sabina Idler | 4 Comments

The act of storytelling is present in every culture. Storytelling, when done well, can move people to take action.

The way we tell stories has evolved drastically over time. We constantly find new methods for preserving and sharing our stories: From drawings on cave walls, verbal recounting passed down from generation to generation and songs to more modern ways like newspapers, books, audio and video recordings.

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Improving UX with Customer Journey Maps

May 29 2013 by Jacek Samsel | 1 Comment

Improving UX with Customer Journey Maps

The necessity of providing user satisfaction on every key touchpoint in your business is critical to your success.

The issue, however, is identifying those crucial touchpoints.

Customer journey maps could be an incredibly helpful solution in this area.

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