Examples of Full-Screen Background Images

Jan 2 2015 by Jacob Gube | 2 Comments

Using a big background image is a popular web design trend. If you’re considering the use of large background images in your next design project, check out these 20 beautiful sites for inspiration.

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30 Inspiring Dark Web Designs

Nov 10 2014 by Jacob Gube | 3 Comments

Using dark colors in a web design can lead to interesting results. For ideas and inspiration, check out this showcase of dark web designs.

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Websites with Large Background Images: 25 Inspiring Examples

Oct 1 2014 by Jacob Gube | 6 Comments

A beautiful photographic background image can add an intriguing visual element to a web design. Additionally, the image will help establish the overall theme of the site.

For inspiration and ideas, check out this showcase of outstanding websites with large background images.

Leve Hytter

Example of a website with a large background image: Leve Hytter

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What White Space Can Do For You

Feb 7 2014 by John Macpherson | 9 Comments

White space is a powerful tool that can take your designs to the next level. When used strategically, that is.

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Terrible Web Design Trends

Feb 5 2014 by Rick Debus | 15 Comments

From puka shell necklaces to planking, the power of trends is undeniable. In a digital age dominated by social media, memes, and an audience with an ever-shortening attention span, trends have become a part of Internet life.

And as the Web continues to adolesce, web design is subjected to rapidly changing trends as well.

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Deconstructing Minimalist Landing Pages

Oct 7 2013 by Karol K | 17 Comments

In the last few years, web designers have gradually realized that cluttering our designs with non-essential elements isn’t a good idea.

Excessive design elements like meaningless stock photos, textured grunge backgrounds, convoluted navigation systems, social-sharing buttons, blog post widgets, and other types of page bloat steal attention away from the core goals of our web design.

So instead of adding more stuff and more options, many of us have chosen to reduce our designs to their most basic forms.

And though we are building websites that are visually simpler than their predecessors, the results have inversely been profound.

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Design-Based Media Queries

Oct 4 2013 by Rachel McCollin | 7 Comments

In the beginning, the device-specific media queries we’ve been using in our websites served us just fine because we just needed a quick-and-dirty responsive design solution to accomodate the iPhone and similar-sized smartphones.

But with the constantly expanding amount of devices being put out in the market, it’s time to rethink the common responsive design breakpoints we’re employing in our designs. Why? Because this approach isn’t sustainable. We also have to change the underlying reasons and motivating factors behind why we’re setting our responsive design breakpoints at these particular points.

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