Readers Pick: 16 Sites for Web Design Inspiration

Jun 8 2008 by Jacob Gube | 103 Comments

A while back I wrote "Where to Go to Find Design Inspiration", where I listed some of my favorite places to peruse when I’m looking for design inspiration. At the end, I posed the following question to the readers: "Where do you go for design inspiration?", and asked that you contribute suggestions. This is a list of places that readers have recommended. Some I haven’t heard of, and several I’ve added to my own favorites list.

Without further ado – I present 16 sites that you visit for design inspiration.

1. The Best Designs by: chandan (Digg profile)

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Where to Go to Find Design Inspiration

May 23 2008 by Jacob Gube | 27 Comments

What’s the best remedy for "designer’s block"? Easy – visit design gallery websites to get you back in the creative groove. There are many wonderful sites out there specifically to help inspire designers, and here are just a handful of them.

Best Web Gallery

Best Web Gallery

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Using Paper Clips in a Web Design: Examples for Inspiration

May 18 2008 by Jacob Gube | 15 Comments

A designer’s creativity is often showcased in the little details and touches that he or she incorporates in a design. Using common, familiar objects as design elements to accent and ornament a web page is a wonderful way of showcasing one’s attention to detail.

For inspiration, I explore the trend of utilizing paper clips by providing excellent examples to showcase how designers make use of them.

These People

These People - Use of paper clip as an ornamentRealistic paper clip used as a design ornament.

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11 Inspiring Lessons from Web Design Experts

Apr 13 2008 by Jacob Gube | 21 Comments

Web Design Confession Booth (vii) - Photo kindly provided by allaboutgeorge of flickr

A large part of being a capable web designer/developer is learning from people who’ve been acknowledged for their expertise and authority.

Finding and reading information about effective web design is part of being a web professional.

With this in mind, here’s just a few compellingly-sound advice and viewpoints from recognized personalities in the field of creating kick-ass websites.

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35 Beautiful Bright, Colorful Web Designs

Apr 8 2008 by Jacob Gube | 38 Comments

Colors - photo provided by Thiru Murugan of flickr

Here’s 35 examples of bright, vibrant web designs to inspire you on your next project.

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CMS Showcase: 31 Remarkable Drupal Powered Websites

Feb 24 2008 by Jacob Gube | 102 Comments

leadin_drupal.jpgFor those scratching their heads wondering what Drupal is, it’s an open-source (i.e. free) content management system that’s flexible and feature-packed. Over the last couple of years or so, it’s taken off as the go-to platform to run websites that require a lot of community and content management features. From personal blogs and brochure sites, to fully-featured social networking sites, portals, news sites, and e-commerce websites, Drupal has proven itself as the most robust platform currently available in the content management system market.

This article showcases 31 websites that run on Drupal.

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20 Attractive Websites That Make Background Patterns Work

Feb 4 2008 by Jacob Gube | 24 Comments

When you mention patterned/tiled backgrounds, people immediately think of horrid MySpace pages and web designs circa-1990’s. It is therefore a worthy achievement when an artist is able to use this technique to make a website look stunning and attractive. An effective background design pattern can leave a memorable and positive feeling on the people who view these works of art.

A pattern - taken by Ben Ostrowsky

by Ben Ostrowsky

Here I’ve compiled 20 beautiful and artistic websites that use tiled patterns to set their webpage apart from the ordinary.

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