All Modern Giveaway Results

Two weeks ago, All Modern, a retailer of home and office goods, sponsored us in a giveaway to give one winner a set of beautiful workspace items designed by Blomus.

The winner of the giveaway is Kate. Congratulations!

This was published on Jul 5, 2009


@maxbeatty Jul 05 2009

Props for the inclusion of the MySQL query screenshot. Haven’t seen that in other giveaway announcements.

Roseli A. Bakar Jul 05 2009

Congrats to Kate !

Wow, thank-you so much! I can’t tell you how much I adore the design of those goodies.

Armig Jul 06 2009

it’s great to see activities like this here :) keep on and hopefully I’ll be a part in the next ones :)

Armig Jul 06 2009

haha! and the funny thing is that Kate wrote only the word “freebies!” :)
Congrats Kate!

T-Law Jul 06 2009

Congratulations Kate!

Mumbai Jul 06 2009

hey kate congratulations!!

Bariski Jul 06 2009

Congratulations Kate.

BryanRegencia Jul 06 2009

Wow! That’s cool… Congrats Kate!

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