CushyCMS Giveaway Results

Last week, CushyCMS and Six Revisions teamed up to hold a giveaway for a one-year subscription to CushyCMS Pro. Over a hundred participants shared their thoughts on the topic of Content Management Systems for a chance to win the prize.

The winner of a one-year subscription to CushyCMS Pro isĀ Alex.

This was published on Sep 5, 2009


Marcel Sep 05 2009

Maybe my SQL-knowledge is broken but is ordering by rand while selecting a primary key id senseless?


Marcel Sep 05 2009

argh, forgive me: I mistook the comment_id with the post_id. :/

Note to myself: More coffee…

Jacob Gube Sep 05 2009

Note to myself: More coffee…

I never touch any code when I’ve just woken up and with 0 caffeine in my system! :)

Marcel Sep 05 2009

wise decision. At least you don’t make yourself an idiot on your favourite design-blog. Congrats to the lucky cms-winner btw. :)


It’s my first win ever!

I always liked my comment_id… I guess 44770 is my lucky number.

BTW, I think I must’ve deleted the email containing the information??? Can you resend it to me please?

Thanks a lot!!!!

congratulation for the winner

Martin Leblanc Sep 06 2009

@marcel There should be undo-buttons for everything :-)

Roberto Sep 07 2009

Yes, coffee. Good morning everyone. Congrats to Alex.

Craig Sep 09 2009

Anybody like CushyCMS? I have never used it. I usually use Joomla.

Arrisweb Sep 10 2009

I think it is worth to check out. Looks like free and easy software.

Dennis Nov 27 2009

I agree with Arris, it is worth checking out. Also, congratulations Alex on winning.

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