FlashOtaku Giveaway Results

Last week, FlashOtaku and Six Revisions asked you what you thought the best image editing software was. There were over 150 participants, and today, we’re glad to announce the winners of the five FlashOtaku Slideshow Flash Deluxe component licenses.

The winners are:

This was published on Apr 1, 2009


Benjamin M. Strozykowski Apr 01 2009

Oh, wow! This is awesome!

Christian Schenk Apr 01 2009

Über cool! Thanks a lot! ;)

carlos Apr 01 2009

w00t! I won! Thanks Six Revisions and FlashOtaku

I would like to thank all the little people that I had to crush along the way to get to this point…

NO NO NO, thank you Flash Otaku and Six Revisions for kicking ass! I will gladly pimp my newly found Flash components as grandiosely as possible and revel in both cash and women, climbing the social ladder until I reach gold toilet status!

Pass my chalice!

Jacob Gube Apr 01 2009

@jack: That gave me a good laugh, thanks for that.

Lydia Apr 01 2009

As Jack’s trusty sidekick, I will take credit for a better portion of that thank you speech. I’m the Jon Favreau to his Obama.

Jacob Gube Apr 02 2009

@Lydia: It was a bit suspect how well the thank you speech was written, it couldn’t have been done without an expert speechwriter.

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