Kentico Giveaway Results

Last week we hosted a sponsored giveaway for a full license of Kentico CMS. There were over 80 participants eager to win this awesome prize by citing what feature of Kentico they were most interested in.

The winner of the giveaway is KAL.

This was published on Jan 15, 2010


jeprie Jan 16 2010

hah, i dont win. not my lucky day.

Can’t thank you guys (Six Revisions & Kentico) enough for this opportunity to take my web development skills to another level! Thanks.

Metin Ucar Jan 16 2010

Congrats KAL.
btw, thanks Jacob for showing the mysql query that can be really useful.

Jacob Gube Jan 16 2010

@Metin Ucar: You’re welcome – I think it’ll be useful for people running giveaways on their site that picks comments at random.

Petr Passinger Jan 18 2010

You are welcome KAL!

Jacob Gube Jan 18 2010

@Petr Passinger I’d like to say thank you as well for coordinating this for Six Revisions readers!

Just a bit of a background: Petr is my point of contact on the Kentico team that helped Six Revisions with getting this giveaway launched.

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