Announcement: Navicat Premium License Winners

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Last week, Navicat, the creators of popular database administration software, worked with Six Revisions to vote for your favorite RDBMS.

Announcement: Navicat Premium License Winners

To make the voting more interesting, Navicat offered up three licenses of their new and awesome Navicat Premium application, which is a tool for managing MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL databases in one central and unified interface. Today, we’re happy to announce the three winners of the Navicat Premium licenses.

The Winners

  • Ole – Navicat Premium (Windows)
  • Jonathan Chee – Navicat Premium (Mac OS X)
  • exe – Navicat Premium (Linux)

Congratulations to the winners and you will be contacted soon about claiming your prizes. For those who were not able to win, there are more giveaways in store for you so make sure to sign up for the Six Revisions RSS feed to get notified whenever a giveaway is posted.

An Exclusive Six Revisions Discount!

You can get 10% off the sale price of a Navicat product simply by using the following code:

  • sixre20

This code will be valid until December 21, 2009.

Thank you!

On behalf of the Six Revisions community, I thank Navicat for furnishing these licenses and for hosting a wonder Six Revisions giveaway. Also, thank you to the participants who voted for their favorite RDBMS.

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