OSTraining Giveaway Results

In a recent giveaway, OSTraining was giving out five accounts on their site that has 6-month access to their Joomla training classes.

Here are the winners of the giveaway:

This was published on Jan 29, 2011


Congrats to the winners! I hope Six Revisions will sponsor another giveaway :)

Noeki Jan 29 2011

Thanks sooo much!! Weird enough, I have not received any notifications, though… I wonder if my e-mail address was mispelled…
Please If you would be as kind as to contact me through the email address provided in this post, I would be able to verify and provide the correct address, if possible. I don’t even know wich one of the ones I own I used (so forgetful):-(

chris affilli Jan 30 2011

yeah, congrats from me too, and i agree with more giveaways :)

Sakaci Feb 06 2011

Yeah good thanks.

Noeki Feb 18 2011

Problems solved satisfactory. I want to thank the sponsor, Jacob & the whole Six Revisions site for this. I’m a happy winner! :D

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