Pingdom Giveaway Results

On Christmas day of 2009, Pingdom, a service that will monitor the uptime and response time of your websites and servers and alert you of any downtime, gave out twenty 1-year subscriptions to their Basic Plan service. Close to a hundred readers participated!

Here are the winners:

This was published on Dec 27, 2009


Kevin Subba Dec 27 2009

wow.. i am soo lucky to be a winner. I got your mail and signed up the account. Thanks you soo much. I will visit your blog regularly. Thank you again.

Tomas Dec 27 2009

Awesome I won! Thank you Jacob and Pingdom.

DesignLovr Dec 27 2009

Thanks so much, I can really use that!

Metin Ucar Dec 27 2009

What can you enumerate that would turn your day into a great one? I don’t know yours but mine is this one. As I woke up and checked my e-mails I saw Jacob’s message saying that I’m one of the winners. Great news, great day and great service, pingdom, too.

Thank SixRevisions and pingdom!

WipeR Dec 27 2009

yAHOOO!!!!! Thank you! I’m happy :)

Aaron Dec 27 2009

Thanks Jacob! I’m so psyched! Check back with the winners at the end of 2010 and see what we thought of the service. Looking forward to using Pingdom…

thedroidworld Dec 27 2009

Super. I am one of the lucky winners. Thanks for running this contest.

pimeo Dec 27 2009

thank you very much! It’s a very good present! Merci :-)

I’m so excited! Thank you Jacob~~~~

Awesome, thanks Jacob!

Amaiko Dec 29 2009

thank you very much :) :)

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