AlertFox Giveaway Results

AlertFox, an awesome website monitoring service, sponsored a giveaway on Six Revisions recently, giving away $300 in credit to their service to three of our readers.

Here are the winners:

This was published on Jan 16, 2011


Brandan Jan 16 2011

What a cool way to pick winners… way better than drawing names out of a hat!

Jacob Gube Jan 16 2011

@Brandan: It’s the SQL query version of drawing names out of a hat; but this version is less work.

Does anyone know what font AlertFox is using for their logo?

Vivek Parmar Jan 17 2011

Congrats to all the winners, again i missed it :(

Erwin | GWD Jan 18 2011

yay! thanks mate.. Erwin

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